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  • WATT CrowdSale

    In preparation for staking launch we’ll run a closed crowdsale of WATT to NFT holders, at a 50% rebate!. 200,000 WATT tokens are up for grabs, price to be determined by demand! Initial price will be determined by how much MATIC are sent to the crowdsale address! Proceeds from the crowdsale will be paired with […]

  • Exclusive discord channels

    Connect your wallet in the discord and get access to special channels for holders of our NFTs! It is easy, just click Let’s go in #✅verify-your-nfts, then instructions. In the HOLDERS category you’ll find exclusive channels for our holders, special content and perks. ✨holders-chat are open to all holders pc-holders access: Free PC NFT 📈trading-class […]

  • Polygon Downtime

    “Summary Polygon PoS users will likely experience downtime starting at 5:50 PM UTC on March 10th due to an issue with the Heimdall implementation. Note that all user funds and data remain fully secure. The Polygon team is actively working on a solution and will share an update on ETA as soon as we can. […]

  • Listed on NFT Express

    We are listed on Please head over to and VOTE for MINING GAME! It only takes a couple seconds of your time and help us stay on top 😉

  • NFTs are launched!

    We finally launched on Mainnet Polygon, but it came with a bit of stress. Not only did I miss my own launch, BOTH twitter and Discord was restricted asking for phone and text message verifications too! Activating USDC on Opensea is bitching, everything is priced in ETH and DAI for now.

  • Prelaunch mint

    The FREE NFT is available to mint NOW!

  • The Mining Game is on!

    We are now present at Skurpy, a brand new social media platform for NFTs & Crypto! The Mining Game group:

  • Exclusive Discord Channels

    We now have some EXCLUSIVE CHANNELS in the Discord which will have GREAT giveaways! 🎉giveaways-active-members 🎉giveaways-hyperactive and 🎉giveaways-powerusers These are connected to roles which you get based on ACTIVITY in the discord 🎉 To become @Active Member you need to reach level 10 To become @Hyperactive Member you need to reach level 30 To become […]

  • Launch Postponed!

    We found an error in the contract, making it possible to mint at no cost through a custom script! What went wrong? uint256[] rates = [0 ether, 2 ether, 1 ether, 1 ether, 3 ether]; The line above specifies mint prices in ether, which translates to MATIC on Polygon.  However the mint function didn’t precise […]

  • Mining Game on Niftyriver and NFT Mint List

    We have been added to Niftyriver’s Upcoming Drops We are also included in NFT Mint List Upcoming drops!