Frequently Asked Questions

Look at the Roadmap

Since Polygon is quite busy at the moment you might need to adjust fees:

Click Site suggested in Metamask, then choose Aggressive

Just go to our Free mint NFT, and metamask should pop up asking you to add network.


If you need to transfer funds to Polygon the easiest route is to buy Matic on exchange, withdraw to Matic/Polygon blockchain and swap to Eth, Dai or WATT on Uniswap/Quickswap.


MEXC – no kyc
Kucoin – no kyc
Hotbit – no kyc

Swaps on Polygon:


If you have funds on Polygon but no Matic for fees, you can swap for gas tokens at https://wallet.polygon.technology/gas-swap 

To bridge ETH from Ethereum to Polygon we recommend Polygon’s brdige: https://wallet.polygon.technology/bridge

Alternative 3rd party bridges:
Umbria Narni Bridge

You can unhide them.

Go to https://opensea.io/account?tab=private

Click the 3 dots at the bottom of the items, and select Unhide

Yes, you can do whatever you want with it, it’s yours!

But don’t expect it sells quick, it is after all free to mint for anyone, anytime.

Stakeweight is a multiplier for what you get in rewards from staking. 
Daily stake rewards at start was 1 WATT * stakeweight, this may change in the future to keep WATT emission < 10,000.

Hashrate is a multiplier for future mining rewards.

Wattage is how many WATT each component will use per day in mining.