The Mining Game is a Free 2 play, Play 2 Earn and Learn 2 Earn NFT mining simulator game on Polygon where you “mine” real tokens. 

               Mint your FREE NFT! is centered around the history of cryptocurrencies, but replacing powerhungry mining hardware with NFTs and FTs.

Mining Game NFT Marketplace is currently down, please buy using contracts or the staking bot

Mining, staking, building and learning.

Reward tokens will be obtained by simulated mining via locking NFTs to a contract. At first this will simulate Solo Mining, where the rewards of a Polygon block go to 1 player. A randomized luck factor based on your mining power / total game mining power determine how often you win blocks.

WATT token is burned to keep mining, reflecting electicity usage in real world mining. WATT tokens are earned by staking, or completing Learn 2 Earn sessions.

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