Gaming PC NFT

The Free Gaming PC is required in the coming mining game, and will earn watt in staking!

1 free mint per wallet!

  • Id1
  • Gen.1
  • Hashrate: 0002
  • StakeWeight: 001
  • Wattage: 0005

Mint your FREE NFT! 

Wallet Address –

Note: You need MetaMask wallet. You also need some (<0.004) MATIC for transaction fees.

How to mint like a pro, using the contracts!

Make sure your wallet is connected to Polygon mainnet.  To add the network look at the bottom of the explorer pages, where you also find our NFT contract:

Note: You need MetaMask or any wallet compatible with Polygon and WalletConnect. You also need some (<0.01) MATIC for transaction fees. Look at “How do I send funds to Polygon” in our F.A.Q.

To interact direct directly with the NFT contract you must connect (Connect to Web3) your wallet to the explorer.
Go to our NFT contract and click “Connect to Web3”:

It is now easy to mint the Free NFT!

Go to our NFT contract, Write Contract and scroll down to 4.freemint. There you put 1 in both fields:

Click Write and confirm in wallet.

That’s all, your NFT will appear in your address, and you can see it on sites like Opensea.