Buy NFTs through shop contract using WATT!

Since the shop UI is bugging right now, here is how to buy directly through contracts using WATT!

First off, you have to approve the shop contract to spend your WATT:

WATT contract:

Connect to Web3
go to 1.approve, put shop contract (0xd0804f2cdfc75a308d786dca78f0dc617d991cae) as spender, amount the same as totalAmount

Shop contract:

Connect to Web3
go to
_listingId (uint256) – ListingID 1,2,3 and 16 is WATT listings
_buyFor (address) – put your address here
_quantityToBuy (uint256) _currency (address) – put 0xE960d5076cd3169C343Ee287A2c3380A222e5839 here for WATT
_totalPrice (uint256) Remember to add 18 0s to totalPrice, or convert from Ether to Wei here:

Put the listing ID in field 13.listings
Listing ID 1,2,3 and 16 is WATT listings. ListingID for CPU with WATT is 16.

PS: You can also use Marting Gerritsen’s automation script!

This javascript bot monitor your stakes, claim WATT rewards, auto buy nfts using WATT and stake them for you.