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  • Its time for a WATT fire

    its time for a WATT fire 🔥 396 UNI-V2 LP tokens burned, adding 2.1% to the already 96.63% of Quickswap Liquidity burned! 70,000 WATT burned, Total 38.0912% of WATT supply is burned! 90% of WATT supply is either burned or locked in LP, only about 84,000 are in wallets 👀

  • WATT DAO is coming

    We have 45 votes for treasury and 6 votes for continuing to burn the WATT income from NFT sales! Over the next days I’ll prepare contracts for a governed treasury, where WATT holders decide its use. These will be deployed on testnet first, you are welcome to take part in testing. I have set up a […]

  • Upgrades and bugfixes to the stake app and shop

    Several upgrades and bugfixes to the stake app! WATT Multi-send added to the stake app, You can now easily send WATT to multiple recipients, saving gas! Inventory now shows Buy and Mint buttons for NFTs you don’t have or if you are not logged in. Also, you can now find all payment options for […]

  • WATT burn

    Another 42000 WATT burned! 29.23% of total supply is burned so far 🔥

  • Telegram

    The Mining Game is now present on Telegram too! Join us if you use the platform: Telegram Announcement channel: Telegram Chat Group:

  • Send multiple Mining Game NFTs at once

    NFT Multi-send added to the stake app,   You can now easily send multiple Mining Game NFTs to multiple recipients, saving gas! Click the “Approve multi-send” button to give the multi-send contract access to your Mining Game NFTs The page reads your NFT holdings, just set amount & receiver, click “Add”, repeat as necessary […]

  • WATT burn

    Another 40000 WATT accumulated through is burned! 24.5% of total supply is burned so far 🔥

  • Mining Game listed in Polygon dapps

    Mining Game is now listed in Polygon’s dapps overview at their site

  • How much do my NFT earn staking?

    Here’s the formula for how stake rewards per day is calculated: rewardsTokenAmount * 60 minutes * 24 hours * stakeWeight You find both rewardsTokenAmount and stakeWeight in the stake contract. Current rewardsTokenAmount  per minute is 0.000173611111111111 WATT, which gives 0.25 WATT per day per stakeWeight. Id1 have 1 stakeweight, daily reward 0.25 WATT Id2 have […]

  • NFT staking app update

    New update of NFT staking app rolled out today! It now ask to switch network, inventory also shows NFTs you don’t have.. Quite a lot more was rewritten using Wagmi react hooks, but only 2% is visible.