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  • WATT burn

    Another 40000 WATT accumulated through is burned! 24.5% of total supply is burned so far 🔥

  • Mining Game listed in Polygon dapps

    Mining Game is now listed in Polygon’s dapps overview at their site

  • How much do my NFT earn staking?

    Here’s the formula for how stake rewards per day is calculated: rewardsTokenAmount * 60 minutes * 24 hours * stakeWeight You find both rewardsTokenAmount and stakeWeight in the stake contract. Current rewardsTokenAmount  per minute is 0.000173611111111111 WATT, which gives 0.25 WATT per day per stakeWeight. Id1 have 1 stakeweight, daily reward 0.25 WATT Id2 have…

  • NFT staking app update

    New update of NFT staking app rolled out today! It now ask to switch network, inventory also shows NFTs you don’t have.. Quite a lot more was rewritten using Wagmi react hooks, but only 2% is visible.

  • WATT BURN & buy CPU with liquidity tokens

    A total of 123,636 WATT tokens are burned (sent to Null Address) so far through sales in our marketplace. That’s 20% of current supply! We have also added the option to buy XL1 Processor NFTs using Quickswap liquidity tokens, which strengthens our WATT/MATIC trading liquidity. Visit our marketplace at  

  • WATT’s first “halving” event

    In reality it was a quartering, as rewards were slashed in 4! This is solely caused by the amount of stakers arriving with our shiny new Staking App over at NFT Staking rewards are now 0.000173611111111111 WATT per minute * stakeWeight

  • Team Bonuses

    Team Bonuses Today our whole team received a bonus in form of GP50 NFTs 🎉 Thanks to all of you who made us where we are today, mostly voluntarily!

  • Staking Reward Adjustment

    We have surpassed the 10,000 WATT a day staking emission at an incredible speed! Estimated rewards today are 24,171 WATT!!! This means we’ll have the first reward adjustment :eyes: Technically the rewardsTokenAmount will be reduced from 0.000694444444444444 to 0.000173611111111111 WATT per minute. The contract counts all accumulated rewards using this number, and will reduce your…

  • Marketplace is LIVE

    You can now buy our NFTs with WATT, MATIC and WETH! No trading fees, only gas. WATT received through the marketplace **WILL BE BURNED**

  • NFT Staking Platform launched!

    I’m pretty sure everyone who’s staking NFTs now will love this: It is a work in progress, but fully functional stake, unstake and claim rewards 🙂