WATT DAO is coming

We have 45 votes for treasury and 6 votes for continuing to burn the WATT income from NFT sales!

Over the next days I’ll prepare contracts for a governed treasury, where WATT holders decide its use. These will be deployed on testnet first, you are welcome to take part in testing. I have set up a dev channel for this in the discord: watt-dao .

I propose we start the DAO with the following specs:

10,000 - Minimum number of WATT tokens a wallet needs to be able to create proposals
40,000 blocks, ~1 day - Number of blocks after a proposal is created until voting starts
280,000 blocks, ~7 days - Voting Period
30% - Percentage of total voting power required for a proposal to pass.

I welcome any inputs around this in the discords watt-dao channel!